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The world of school photography has changed

Exasperated at the thought of organising another round of school photos?

The logistics, the piles of order forms, the pressure to handle parents’ cash and huge chunks of time out of your schedule?

All the while, parents are bored of the same poses, backgrounds and ‘packages’ they get tied into. Where’s the choice?

DE Schools is changing all that.

We take both traditional and expressive photos of each child, with a streamlined process taking just the same time as a usual shoot. Choice for parents, efficiency for you.

Parents get secure access to an online portal where they can order exactly the photos they want.

This signals an end to all the ordering and payment hassle that usually comes after a school photo shoot.

No more admin for you, unrivalled convenience and range of purchasing options for parents. The result? They spend more and your schools earns more commission.

Our innovative approach to traditional school photography is truly market leading.

Could this be the change your school is looking for?
Discover how we can take the hassle out of school photography for schools and parents.

About Us

    As the dedicated school photography division of DE Photo, we’ve been delivering quality sports photography to over 700 schools for over 15 years.

    Because of our experience, we were asked time and again by schools who were impressed with the quality of our work to offer traditional school photography, too.
    The schools we worked with told us they were tired of the outdated system for ordering school photos used by many school photography companies.  They were overwhelmed with administration every time school photos came around.

    Adding to their frustrations was that parents were often - and understandably - unwilling to pay out for set packages that didn’t suit their needs, usually featuring photos they had no choice over.

    This poor customer service had a knock-on effect on the schools’ financial return from commission and less than satisfied parents didn’t get what they wanted.
    If we were to offer traditional school photography, we had to do things differently.  We put all our efforts into developing an end-to-end service that would remove your frustrations once and for all.

    The result is a service that’s entirely hassle free for you. From the moment of booking, to the day itself, to uniting parents with their photos afterwards, we deal with everything.

    Adding to this, the experience for parents and wider family and friends is a breeze and full of choice with unique products on offer. This greater range of options tailored to their needs encourages parents to purchase more products which increases your commission.

    Discover how you and your school can benefit from better service and understand why parents love the way we do things, too, contact us today.

Our Services to Schools

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve ever been responsible for arranging school photography, you’ll probably know there’s more to it than meets the eye.
Booking a reliable photography company and ensuring the right pupils are in the right place at the right time?

That’s the easy part. 

The follow up is where the challenge really starts.

  • Distributing order forms
  • Dealing with parents who never received them and other support issues
  • Collecting said order forms along with cash left, right and centre
  • Processing the wave of administration
  • Sending everything to the photographers
  • Taking delivery of all the orders and distributing these to the right pupils
  • Then liaising with parents who may be dissatisfied with the end result

    It can take weeks.

    That’s if you use one of the vast majority of school photography companies whose service has remained unchanged and accepted for years.

    DE Schools does things differently.

The hassle-free version of school photography

  • Every step of your experience with DE Schools is designed to take the pressure off.
  • On the day of the shoot, we set up two different backdrops.
    This allows two children to be photographed at any one time, meaning you get the variety of shots needed to satisfy any parent in a process that takes no longer than a traditional school photo shoot.
  • We make sure there’s always enough photographers and staff on hand at your shoot.
    This ensures ultimate efficiency so you can enjoy a smooth running day, and yet our prices are still in line with companies who only provide one photographer per shoot.
  • Each child has a unique link through which their family and friends can access and purchase prints online.
    We take the entire follow up process off your hands.  
    No handling cash, no stacks of order forms, no tearing your hair out over admin.
  • The endless improvements we’ve made to parents’ buying experience increases how much is spent on photos and the number of different family members who buy.
    This means more commission for your school. Discover all the ways we’ve made things better for parents here.

    We’ve been working with over 700 schools for over 15 years at DE Photo, fulfilling a wide-ranging photography needs from sports action shots to prom photos. You’ll be working with an innovative company who already has a reputation for excellence.

    Join us on our mission to improve standards in school photography for teachers and parents and get one task ticked off your list by making contact here.

Our Services to Parents

Is getting hold of your child’s school photo a laborious task?

Is being able to choose a photo of them you like out of the question?

You’re not alone.

This is how the vast majority of school photography companies work and have done for years.

Are you:

  • Forced to buy a package which doesn’t suit your needs?
  • Presented with a single photo chosen by the photographer and not you?
  • Put off by the lengthy process of having to fill out an order form, entrust your cash to the school and wait for a few weeks before you see sign of your photos?
  • Left with the responsibility of distributing copies to relatives and friends?

    It can take weeks. Until very recently, it was. Before we came along…

We’d been hearing for years how frustrated teachers and parents were with the quality of the service they received from traditional school photography companies.

Working with over 700 schools on their sport and events photography, getting glowing feedback all round, we were often asked to extend our service to traditional school photography.
Only willing to do so if we could find a new way of supplying the service that removed all the issues faced by parents and teachers, we put our thinking caps on.
DE Schools is the result.
The school photography company that puts choice in your hands

  • We take a variety of shots of your child in traditional and expressive poses.This helps show off their full character.
  • Your child is given a unique link through which you can access and purchase their photos online. No waiting for proofs to come through to the school. No order forms to misplace. No need to see off your cash in an envelope.
  • You get to choose exactly what you want to buy

    ~Just one of the photos or all of them. Available in a range of photos sizes, gifts and also digital downloads - it’s up to you.

    ~You are never tied into buying certain packages, though we do have packages at discounted rates if this suits your needs.

    ~ You’re free to choose the sizes and quantities you want.

    ~ You can even select a unique multi-format print. This puts multiple photos in a layout of your choice onto one print. Perfect for getting sibling shots side by side or a group class photo alongside your child’s portrait.
  • Everybody who wants a print can get one easily. Just share your unique link with family and friends so they can buy their own.
  • You can have orders delivered via the school or direct to your address, whatever works best for you.

If you think your child’s school could benefit from our market-leading approach to school photography, send them our way by sharing the link to our website; or contact us direct today.

FAQ's for Schools

We take group photos of whole classes, families and siblings as well as individual pupil portraits. For the individual portraits, we take a range of traditional and expressive shots against different backdrops to give parents a range of options to choose from. We would usually provide three photographers at every shoot and two backdrops in use at all times, we can photograph two pupils at a time. This means we get multiple shots of each pupil in the same time a usual shoot would take.

Of course. All our photographers and site support staff have DBS enhanced level disclosure and years of experience working with children of all ages. They are also all trained to our own Code of Ethics to ensure they work to the high standards you’d expect.

Yes. If required, your school will be provided with a complimentary CD featuring all the shots from our time with you. These can be automatically added to your school system.

Please note that SIMS users will require a licence file from Capita to enable the CD to populate your database automatically. Please contact the CAPITA help desk on 0844 892 2407 regarding licence fees.

Not at all. We provide each child with a unique link through which family and friends can order photos directly through our online ordering system. This means no cash handling or heavy administration for you.

We do indeed. To find out more, email or call 01342894009.

To book with us, email or call 01342894009. We’ll be more than happy to help.

FAQ's for Parents

Yes. Just email or call 01342 894009 and let us know. We’ll solve the problem from there.

If you wish to receive your child’s photos via their school, there is a cut-off date after which orders would be charged postage and packaging. This is usually around two weeks after the photoshoot. However, if you’re happy to have the photos to be delivered directly to your address, you can do that at any time by ordering online, subject to a small postage and packaging charge.

Yes. We take family group and sibling photographs. Just make sure this is arranged with your child’s school beforehand.

Please contact us straight away for us to resolve your problem. Email or call 01342 894009.


DE Schools is the dedicated school photography division of DE Photo (UK & Ireland's Largest Event Photography Company).
We have attended a variety of school and sports events at over 700 schools in the UK, here’s a snippet of what some schools have to say about us:

Dorset House School

"DE Photo was very professional and the parents thought it was great, so efficient and great images, we will use again in the future! Thank you."

Clayesmore School

"I was very pleased with the before and during service. There was plenty of communication and the team were brilliant on the day."

Lunsford Primary School

"Excellent photos and service. No hassle to arrange, would highly recommend to all schools to use."

St Bernard's Prep School

"Brilliant as always and our whole school community appreciate your service very much! Phenomenal pics!!!"

Brambletye School

"The quality of service and product are always very high and the personnel very friendly and professional."

Copthorne Prep School

"As always efficient, organised and courteous. Will recommend you as an excellent team"

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